We evaluate your objectives, analyze your data and propose favourable solutions. Our consultancy services are tailored to your needs. We ensure that we meet the expected goals through continuous interaction. In the section operation you will see the range of sectors we can approach with you.

Operational Area


We leverage our experience in Artificial Intelligence applied to business processes to develop top-quality projects. We use the best develpment practices to make projects scalable and easy to interface with your systems. The support services, at project completion, ensure you get the needed results.



We organize courses in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence on a regular basis. They are aimed at professionals that want to become skilled in these areas. The courses range from entry-level to advanced. We also organize custom courses for specific application areas on request.


Operational area

Aindo offers services within several areas of expertise. The Aindo team is experienced in applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to areas such as banking, biomedicine, telematics and life-cycle analysis. Knowledge from various areas comes into play, including:

Image Processing

    Convolutional neural networks, deep learning

Data Mining

    Regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction on Big Data

Natural Language Processing

    NLP though deep learning and word embeddings

Time-Series Analysis

    Convolutional and recurrent neural networks

Predictive Modelling

    Neural networks, support vector machines, random forest-based algorithms

Data Visualization

    Dashboard preparation in Python, Power BI, R-shiny or Kibana


We engaged succesfully in projects related to vastly different fields, thanks to the power of the data-driven approach.

Marketing for retailers

We developed a customer profiling system for retailers. This profiling system is coupled with a recommender and forecasting model that allows the retailer to optimally design and sell their products.

Tumor risk assessment

We developed a predictive model, that based on the result of multiple diagnostic tools, is able to evaluate prostate cancer risk. This model proved to outperform currently used diagnostic approaches.

Nevus risk assessment

We developed computer vision model able to detect imperfection in human skin from images, and in case of nevus distinguish between benign and malignant ones.


Aindo offers courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data ranging from introductory to advanced level. Courses can also be tailored to the client's needs. Course material is always up-to-date. Do not miss the opportunity! Check out the upcoming courses!

Introductory Courses

Take the first steps on your data science journey! Become acquainted with the tools and techniques that data scientists all over the world use.

Advanced Courses

Enrich your expertise with the most state-of-the-art concepts in data science. Extend your knowledge with the latest tools and algorithms.

Tailored Corporate Courses

Unleash the power of your corporate data. Improve the knowledge of your team to incorporate data science into your best practices.

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